A group of staff sit around a table

Patient Experience Panel

Purpose, Functions, and Objectives:


The Patient Experience Panel (PEP) is a committee of Patient Experience Partners that work with staff members, physicians and volunteers on projects and/or committees that have a direct impact on patient care. By working in partnership, South Huron Hospital (SHH) gives voice to patients and families, creates a culture of patient centered care and improves the patient experience at SHH.


Members are former patients and family members of patients who have received care in various areas of SHH. 


PEP meets at least 4 times a year to give input on hospital initiatives and improvement projects. Meetings may be held in person or virtually.


Members may also work with individual hospital committee or projects such as Accreditation, Falls Prevention, Accessibility or Hospital Codes. 


If you are interested in joining PEP at SHH, or if you would like to learn more about the role, please contact us at: patientrelations@shha.on.ca or call Heather Klopp, Patient Relations Coordinator, a 519-235-2700 ext. 5110


We acknowledge the Michael Garron Patient Experience Panel for leading the way in our PEP development.