Physician in a white coat with stethoscope in hand. Patients in the background out of focus.

Our Organization

The South Huron Hospital (SHH) was established in 1953 and serves a wide catchment area, including the Municipality of South Huron and its adjacent communities.

Located in a small, rural community, we are proud to offer a 24/7 Emergency Department. With 19 inpatient beds, we provide acute, rehabilitation, and complex continuing inpatient care. Our outpatient services encompass the continuum of care as we strive to meet the evolving needs of our patients and surrounding communities.

SHH is a proud member of the Huron Perth and Area Ontario Health Team.

Mission, Vision & Values


Partnering to provide excellent person-centred care.


A quality-driven health care system focused on the changing needs of our communities.


Our Values

  • Inclusive
    • Fostering a culture where differences are valued and collaboration is embraced.
  • Compassionate
    • Demonstrating empathy and kindness towards everyone.
  • Accountable
    • Following through on our commitments and taking responsibility for the outcomes of our actions.
  • Respectful
    • Treating others with thoughtfulness, understanding, and professionalism.
  • Equitable
    • Recognizing and working to remove barriers that limit individuals from receiving the care they need.

Our Strategic Priorities


  • Innovating through Partnership
  • Partnering with Patients & Families
  • Ensuring Operational Excellence
  • Empowering our People

Our Leadership

Jimmy Trieu
President & CEO
519-235-2700 ext. 5150

Dr. Sean Ryan
Chief of Staff


Dr. Craig McLean

Chief of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Neeraj Patel

Lead Hospitalist 

Shane Dejong
Director, Finance

519-524-8323 ext. 5710

519-235-2700 ext. 5196

Lynn Higgs
Interim Chief Nursing Executive/VP Clinical Services
519-524-8689 ext. 5751


Matt Trovato 

Chief Operation Officer/VP Corporate Services 


Adriana Walker

Patient Care Manager

519-235-2700 ext. 5142

Heather Klopp
Manager Patient Relations, Patient Registration, Privacy & Health Records
519-235-2700 ext. 5110

Meribeth Vlemmix
Director, Facilities & Capital Projects
519-235-2700 ext. 5170