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Regional Partners form the Huron Health System

February 02, 2023

The Alexandra Marine & General Hospital and the South Huron Hospital Association have formed a new collaboration to be called the Huron Health System


INVITATION Huron Health Systems Strategic Plan Unveiling  


Exeter, ON & Goderich, ON— February 2, 2023 The Board of Directors of the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital (AMGH) and the South Huron Hospital Association (SHHA) entered into a formal partnership on January 2022. Over this past year, the boards have worked extensively on governance and are very pleased to announce that the partnership will now be known as the Huron Health System, with regional sites in Exeter and Goderich, and will be governed by a single board effective December 1, 2022.


During the last twelve months, the two hospital boards have done the impossible by forming a common board in that short time. During this last year, the Goderich and South Huron communities have seen all the other emergency departments in our area closed periodically for a variety of reasons, but the dedication of the doctors, nurses, support staff and cooperation between the two hospitals have kept services at both sites almost at 100% the whole time,” said Bruce Shaw, SHHA Board Chair. “The new common board will strive as one united body to maintain that level of excellence and plan a course of action to deal with the many challenges that are facing all health care systems in the province.”


“The Huron Health System is a forward thinking, unique, collaborative model that residents in our catchment areas will benefit from,” stated Glen McNeil, AMGH Board Chair. “With our Senior Leadership Team managing both sites, and utilizing further efficiencies, this enables us to direct more resources to bedside care.”


What’s next?

The Huron Health System is preparing to launch a new strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap for the hospitals in the coming years. Healthcare is evolving rapidly and bringing new challenges to the system. As such, the Huron Health System has started work on a Master Plan, which will help direct the hospitals and board in their decision-making. This plan necessitates a large investment and will involve collaborating with the Ministry of Health to plan for the future and decide on renovations or new buildings as needed. This plan will consider the province's system capacity, government objectives, resources available, the proposed solution's suitability, and local affordability.


About Huron Health System

The Huron Health System, encompasses the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital (Goderich, ON) and the South Huron Hospital Association (Exeter, ON), providing acute care to the residents of Huron County and beyond. With a combined revenue of $44 million and over 360 employees, 30 physicians and specialists, and 200 volunteers, the hospitals account for 30,000 emergency room visits and 19,000 patient days annually.


Our logo

The new logo for the partnership represents different providers coming together to form a health system to serve the residents of Huron County and surrounding communities.


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