Physician in a white coat with stethoscope in hand. Patients in the background out of focus.


Hospital Accreditation

November 04, 2022

Accreditation occurs on a three-year cycle, with a full, on-site survey every three years. Accreditation includes extensive measurement of performance – using over 2500 different criteria to measure various aspects of organizational performance – including patient safety and quality of care, infection prevention and control, medication management, organizational culture, and effective governance. “Hospital accreditation is a process that assesses a hospital’s performance against a set of standards,” said Jimmy Trieu, President & CEO, Alexandra Marine & General Hospital and South Huron Hospital Association. Both hospitals completed their accreditation cycles this year with the South Huron Hospital Association just completing it on October 31, 2022.


Quality Care

Participating in an accreditation process demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to quality and safety and partnering with Accreditation Canada and their Qmentum program, it allows us to improve outcomes, decrease risk and stand out from peers for the quality work that we perform. “Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum accreditation program helps hospitals meet global standards, putting mechanisms in place that lead to safe and effective care,” said Trieu.

Continuous Quality Improvement
Qmentum’s continuous model helps teams measure and improve on an ongoing basis to keep quality and safety top of mind and staff are empowered to give patients the tools and support they need take charge of their own health. Qmentum uses evidence-informed standards developed by Health Standards Organization (HSO) and is endorsed by the SCC as the National Standards of Canada to ensure staff have the tools and resources they need to meet, exceed and sustain quality improvement over the long run.