Physician in a white coat with stethoscope in hand. Patients in the background out of focus.


SHHA Announces Interim President & CEO

June 25, 2021

The Board of Directors of South Huron Hospital Association is announcing today the appointment of Ms. Nancy Peter as the Interim President & CEO.

Our agreement with Alexandra Marine & General Hospital will expire on July 14, 2021. We thank them for their support in partnering with us to have Mr. Jimmy Trieu as our Interim President & CEO since last year.

The Board is committed to finding the best person to take on the CEO role on a permanent basis as soon as possible. During this time period, the Board has appointed our current Board Chair, Nancy Peter to take on the role in the Interim. Nancy will step out of the Chair role effective immediately. Mr. Bruce Shaw, the current Board 1st Vice-Chair will take on the Board Chair role.

Nancy has served on the Board since October 2019, as a Director, Vice-Chair and most recently, Board Chair. She brings over 40 years of experience in leadership roles in government, private and public agencies.

The Board would also like to recognize our staff members, volunteers and physician’s commitment to the health and safety of our patients. We are living in challenging times and we appreciate your hard work and dedication.