Physician in a white coat with stethoscope in hand. Patients in the background out of focus.


SHHA Laboratory Undergoes Renovation

April 30, 2021

During this difficult time of hospital budget constraints and stresses on staff and workload, the South Huron Hospital Association made a decision to invest in a Laboratory renovation to improve safety, efficiency and aesthetics.

When a previous Accreditation Diagnostics Assessment identified deficiencies in workspace conditions, the Leadership Team recognized that a separate HIRF funding opportunity could provide the opening to drive both projects simultaneously, in an effort to reduce the service downtime. Window replacement, an upgrade to the HVAC system, and an update to the electrical panel were provided through HIRF; while the South Huron Hospital Foundation generously funded new flooring, paint, and benching through the local community-supported Radiothon.

The physical renovation was achieved in five weeks, and during that time the Lab was able to provide continuity of service from a few small rooms adjacent to this space.

Laboratory Services occasionally tend to be overlooked for upgrades due to the inability to generate revenue and the lack of public exposure. Investment in this service demonstrates Leadership attentiveness to staff safety by providing cleanable benching; the opportunity to maximize efficiency with a new, more ergonomic layout; and a fresh warm feel enhances the morale of employees.