Physician in a white coat with stethoscope in hand. Patients in the background out of focus.


A New Life

June 22, 2022

In the mid-1980s SHHA discontinued labour, delivery, and infant care. However, about once per year, a baby is born at SHHA before Mom can make it to her planned delivery hospital.


Nurses and doctors realized that we must be better equipped to provide optimal care for these new little bundles.


Training and education on the equipment has been provided for MDs and nurses and there is more planned for new staff.


Recently, a young couple was looking to move out of the city. They searched for the small town where all their family needs could be met – including a hospital – as they were planning to soon expand their family past their current child. They found Exeter and thought “perfect!” and bought a home here. They were disappointed to later learn that they would not be able to deliver their new baby in their new town but were content to know that they could be in Stratford in 40 minutes.

On a cold winter’s day this past winter it happened. Baby was coming and there was no time to travel to Stratford. The new little bundle was born in South Huron Hospital Association Emergency Department!


Mom reports that everything went so fast that she really did not have time to think about delivering in a rural ER. She explains how supportive and coaching the nurses were. “All the nurses and doctors were great.” She especially appreciated that the ER doctor in attendance did not hesitate to call a colleague for back up. Communication was excellent between the whole team. She felt infection control was top notch. She says she felt very safe and supported. She remembers staff saying that the equipment was new, and they were thankful to have it.


With our recently acquired “Panda Warmer” we have:

  •  Integrated resuscitation which helps to standardize resuscitation protocols. Provides accurate ECG heart rate and blood oxygen levels within seconds, allowing timely and appropriate interventions.
  • Integrated scale so that baby’s first weight is available right at the bedside. There is no need to move the baby to another surface and it elevates comfort with a warm surface heater rather than a cold scale.
  • X-ray tray with an integrated x-ray cassette tray so there is no need to move the baby; the Panda Warmer maintains uninterrupted thermal support while taking an x-ray.

The new father arrived to meet their new little life and care was transferred to Stratford hospital...with thanks to the Little Hospital that Does Unplanned Infant Deliveries!