Physician in a white coat with stethoscope in hand. Patients in the background out of focus.


A message for our SHHA Community

January 03, 2022

To our South Huron Hospital Association Community:

2021 has come to an end, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has not. Specifically, the Omicron variant is impacting our families, schools, work and the way healthcare is delivered.

At the Family Practice Clinic and Walk-in Clinic, we are asking for your assistance to help us deliver the best and safest care possible - either in person or virtually.

We understand that many in-person visits to a doctor have been put off for the past two years. At the South Huron Medical Centre, we have continued to see patients in person throughout the pandemic. We know that you prefer to see your doctor in person rather than on the telephone. At this time, we have implemented a policy that permits in person visits for all patients who are double vaccinated, do not have any covid-19 symptoms, and are not awaiting results of a COVID-19 PCR test or have not been told by a doctor, health unit or border services agent to isolate. If you do not meet all of these criteria, a virtual appointment will be arranged.

When you come to the Medical Centre, you will be asked to provide your proof of double vaccination, wear a surgical mask, and pass the screening questions. As patients, we are used to providing our proof of vaccination as we are often required to do so in other places. If a patient does not have proof of vaccination, you will be offered a virtual visit first. In this way, you will still receive the healthcare you require. When the doctor assesses you on the phone, s/he will know if you need to continue to be seen in person or not. To clarify, you may still end up seeing the physician in person but this decision will be based on an initial virtual visit.


Please note that this policy is NOT permanent and will be relaxed once the level of COVID-19 in our community reaches a point that it does not threaten the capacity of our emergency department and hospital ward.

Please also remember, the screeners and registration staff are here to help you and want to make sure you have access to the care you need in the most efficient way possible under these difficult circumstances. They will work with you in a professional manner to get the answers to your questions and the best advice for the care you need.

With this in mind, we wish you the best for the New Year and thank you for helping us navigate the ever-changing conditions of Covid-19 to provide you with safe access to healthcare.